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Long Beach: Your Ultimate California Vacation Destination

Summer is here! And so for most people, this means some time off from school, from preparing lunch for the kids, from work, or simply from daily grind which can be oh-so-stressful. This also means some time to experience yet another exhilarating weekend getaway, perhaps a California vacation at that. California, indeed!

It is one of the most exciting places to visit this summer, particularly Long Beach. Ever been there? If not, then it's high time you check the place out to see and experience what it can offer to vacationers like you. But hey, why not bring your family or friends along to make it more fun? Here, check out why Long Beach could be your ultimate California vacation destination.

The Beach Scene

If you are the type who loves to hang out by the beach, then a Long Beach California vacation is definitely an experience of a lifetime for you. Long Beach, California is one of the most famous names when it comes to scenic beaches. Located between Orange County and Los Angeles along the Southern California coastline, this place boasts an enjoyable weather all year round. Its climate is continually sunny, which makes it really the top option for vacationers who love to spend beach days and enjoyable nights. Once there, you can either enjoy swimming or simply lie down along the shores to work on your tan.

Shopping and Fun Galore

But aside from the beach, there is a lot more to explore in Long Beach. And if you are a shopaholic, you will surely love this place. Why? Because it also offers vacationers the opportunity to shop, shop, and shop some more. With its strip mall called The Pike at Rainbow Harbow, there are lots of stores for you to check out, plus carousels for kids, restaurants to dine in, and a movie theater complex for entertainment. How about this famous aquarium known as the Aquarium of the Pacific? You will be amazed at the beauty of over 1,000 species being housed in there. Now, just make sure you have that extra cash for shopping and fun or else. You sure don't want to spoil your vacation just because you run short of cash, right?

Night Life

Oh yes! You sure don't want to miss this for the world, night life in Long Beach! The place to go is no other than the Shoreline Village. Although at daytime it's more of a family oriented place because it contains shops like The Candy Baron and The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, wait until the sun gets down to see and experience how fun and entertaining this place is at night. If you want to check it out, be sure to drop by at The Yardhouse.

Nature Tripping

If you're a nature lover type, again Long Beach has something to offer you. Go to El Dorado Nature Center, a place boasting 100 acres of trails, native fauna, and trees. If you're going with your family, this place is definitely a must-see for you and your kids. You can go hiking or simply take pictures at the two beautiful lakes on its premises.

Beach, shops, night life, and nature. What else is missing? All these really make Long Beach your ultimate Northern California vacation destination. So, plan your vacation now!


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