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Camping Tips During A California Vacation

California is one of the most populous states in the United States of America. It is also home to many large cities. It is home to the NBA champions Los Angeles Lakers. It is also a state that is close to nature and technological advances. Truly, a tourist will experience a wide variety of activities during a California vacation.

Many activities like surfing, hiking, kayaking and bike riding are in store for California tourists. As much as most of the California tourist spots offer camping trips and activities, tourist should be extra careful in their belongings and in following their tour guide. There's always a probability for tourists to be lost while wandering around. For the benefit of California tourists, here are a few camping tips and the camping gear.

Camping in California entails responsibility to both camper and tour guide. When camping in California, there are several things that one must bring. Here is a quick list of camping gears.

1.) Camping tents and spare tents, tent stakes
2.) Hammer, pliers, shovel
3.) Tarpaulins
4.) Sleeping bags, pillows, ground pads
5.) Lantern and fuel
6.) Flashlight, rope, first aid kit
7.) Matches, pocket knife
8.) Water, insect repellant

Before going on a camping trip, be sure to have all the necessary equipments to ensure safety and success of the trip. Choose your equipment according to the details of the trip. Be careful in choosing your tents as some brands are more prone to damages. Bring your food if the trek to the camping site is long. Be sure to travel light as travelling with heavy baggage will slow down your trip. Here are a few camping tips if ever you get lost.

1.) Before going out in a trip, make sure that you have a map, a compass and a first aid kit. Nobody can assure you of what will happen once you get out there.

2.) Inform somebody on the estimated time of the camping trip. By doing this, people will be alarmed if you don't arrive hours after your supposed arrival.

3.) Always think ahead of time and never ever think that you will not get lost. Think about the worst scenario.

4.) Stay close to your tour guide and companions. Oftentimes, people get lost because they wander too much.

5.) Stay in groups so that if ever you get lost, you will have companions.

6.) Always carry devices that will call the attention of others once you get separated. A whistle is a good device for this purpose.

7.) Don't panic when you realize that you are already lost.

8.) Stay in your position and sit down.

9.) Don't act too fast; think about what you will do and the pros and cons of your action.

10.) Don't be too desperate to search for help. Oftentimes, lost people fall to rescuers who are wrong persons.

11.) Be alert of whatever sounds and call the attention of people if you see them walking nearby or hear a sound.

12.) This one is overused but it works; build a fire as shown in the movies.

Maintaining a clear mind in times of dangerous situations will contribute to the faster solution for these situations. The tips that were mentioned above are important to ensure that tourists will enjoy their California vacation. Even though these are just reminders, they are worth remembering.


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