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California Vacation: The Majestic North Coast

When people hear the word coast, they immediately think of beaches, women in bikinis, men in trunks and the fabulous food in beach houses and restaurants. A coast of a beach line offers these things to an individual. Many people often go to beaches for their vacation. There is certain warmth in the beach that makes it a favorite tourist spot. A beautiful and winding coast is one of the places that a California vacation can offer you.

California is home to many beachfronts and bodies of water. It is also the proud host of the North Coast. The North Coast is often referred to as the Redwood Village and includes Marin County, Sonoma County, Mendocino County, Humboldt County and Del Norte County. The coast reaches out to Pacific Ocean, San Francisco and Oregon. There are many cliffs, hills, tide pools, mountains and rivers in the coast. Red trees are abundant in the coast’s mountains from where the name, Redwood Village, came from.

One of the cities along the North Coast is Crescent City. This city is crescent shaped and is bordered by a lighthouse. It is located at Del Norte country. Crescent offers the beauty of nature and a panoramic view of the North Coast. The Crescent city harbor provides picturesque trips, boat launching slope, restaurants and surf shop. One of the best spots that a tourist can find in Crescent City is the Battery Point Lighthouse. It can be accessed during low tide and village stories tell that it is haunted. Ghost searchers, artists and art curators are sure to find this lighthouse a very wonderful place.

Another place that is worthy to be included in the list of places to visit in the North Coast is Gasquet. Gasquet offers alternative activities like fishing, kayaking, swimming and rafting. Gasquet is popular for the unique biodiversity and the weather. It boasts of the Smith River which runs for seventeen miles. Smith River provides recreation like steelhead and salmon fishing, bird watching, waterfalls, rafting, kayaking and hitchhiking. The river is also home to many fishes that benefit from the trees along the riverbank.

Another attraction in North Coast is Fort Dick. This place offers horseback riding, hunting, and ocean perch fishing. Fort Dick also offers tourists the luxury of using their off road vehicles in the beach and to horse ride on ocean bluffs. It also brags of a blueberry farm where products are freshly picked. This place offers a holistic experience for tourists as they will have the opportunity to experience both the wilderness and the sea.

Klamath is also a place to visit in the North Coast. It is home to the beauty of nature and to many Indian Museums. Tourists who visit this place enjoy walking at the Trees of Mystery as a way of enjoying nature. The Klamath River is also popular for jet boat trips to explore the river. It is also famous for salmon and steelhead.

Trinidad is also a must see in the North Coast. It is said to be the oldest place along the coast. It is essentially a fishing village and different boats line up the coast. Trinidad State beach and Patrick’s Point State Park are two of the most wonderful beaches in California.

The California North Coast is a valuable asset in a California vacation. It doesn’t only give tourists with the best beaches but also with the best mountainsides and the activities that are to be cherished.


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