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California Spa Vacation – A Great Way To Relax

If you have been working all your life, you surely have reached the point of breaking down. You end up being fed up with your daily routine. Well, how about a short break? For sure you have been wanting to temporarily escape your everyday activity and you want something brand new for a change. Hence, brace yourself because here comes your chance of experiencing an ultimate relaxation. Why not try a California spa vacation?

California is branded as a famous tourist spot all over the world. In fact, a visit to this paradise allows you the access to the best and most romantic resorts and spas that are sure to revitalize and soothe your mind and body. These spa vacations are becoming more and more popular among people all over the world. California is known for its great weather and scenic spots and many spa resorts are surfacing here and there. Thus, weather you love nature and the outdoors or simply the feel of the place, a California spa vacation is something worth trying!

What comprises the California spa vacation?

As a spa vacation destination, California furnishes the most luxurious spots dotted with swanky hotels as well as spa resorts. As a state, California presents mountains, deserts, as well as the ocean side resort spas for all guests to enjoy. The famous Golden Door spa of Escondido is found in California, so to speak. The other best spa resorts are located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Francisco.

A spa vacation in Los Angeles and San Diego is a wonderful time for you to see for yourself a lot of captivating scenery. These resorts feature several deluxe world-class European models. The stylish oasis that is located in the heart of South California is none other than Palm Springs. More so, the very lavish spa hotels found in San Francisco has a lot of treatment packages to offer you.

What spa treatments can be availed of?

Most of the day spas in California offer the treatments like waxing, facials, massage, make up, pedicures, manicures, hot stones therapy, herbal body wraps, and the so-called micro-dermabrasion treatment.

The hotel spa resorts also provide packages that allow you to enjoy other activities like spa cuisine and physical fitness programs. Sports like golf, tennis, hiking, and aerobics are likewise among your choices.

What are the top vacation spa destinations in California?

Among the best places to consider going to include the Peninsula Spa, Spa Gaucin, Spa Montage, Beverly Hills Spa by La Prairie, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, and the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, to name a few.

Why is the hiking vacation spa worth trying?

The hiking vacation spa is not like your typical spa experience. Yes, the services include all sorts of relaxing treatments but the main difference is that the spa is actually located in the hills or in the mountains. The prime activities offered are massages, yoga, mountain trekking, tae-bo exercises, fitness programs, weight loss programs, camping, spa treatments, and of course, hiking.

Anyhow, prior to going on a California spa vacation, it is necessary to make your plans and make the arrangements. Inquire on the available services, accommodations, rates, and the other options offered. You may choose from the destination spas, day spas, and resort spas all over the state.


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